This Scroll of Honor is periodically updated to include new donations.

2012 Scroll of Honor


Thanks for their generous support, time and contributions

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
Ian Fields
Rochelle and Phil Goldschmiedt
Micah Kaufman
Rebekah and Avi Mally
Shani and Yitz Norman
Elana and Benjamin Rosenbluth
Wendy and Isaac Shulman
Daniella and Jamie Stadtmauer
Jack Varon

Our community’s synagogues and rabbis are our foremost and most stalwart supporters:

Beis Medrash of Bergenfield

Rabbi Moshe Stavsky

Congregation Ahavas Torah

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin and Rabbi Chaim Poupko

Congregation Arzei Darom

Rabbi Aharon Ciment

Congregation Beth Aaron

Rabby Larry Rothwachs

Congregation Beth Abraham

Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger

Congregation B’nai Yeshurun

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky and Rabbi Ari Zahtz

Congregation Etz Chaim

Rabbi Daniel Feldman

Congregation Kesher

Rabbi Daniel Wolf

Congregation Keter Torah

Rabbi Shalom Baum

Congregation Netivot Shalom

Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot

Congregation Ohr HaTorah

Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky

Congregation Rinat Yisrael

Rabbi Yosef Adler

Congregation Shaarei Tefilah

Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz

Congregation Shomrei Emunah

Rabbi Menachem Genack

Congregation Shomrei Torah

Rabbi Benjamin Yudin

Congregation Zichron Mordechai

Rabbi Michael Taubes

East Hill Synagogue

Rabbi Zev Reichman

Shaarei Orah, The Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck

Rabbi Howard Jachter

Young Israel of Teaneck

Rabbi Pinchas Weinberger


Rabbi Steven Weil

Executive Director of the Orthodox Union

Corporate Sponsors

Ahava Employment Agency
Bright Path LLC
Chardan Capital Markets, LLC
Cross River Bank
Camp Morasha Friends
Eyecare Plus, Dr. Steven Starkman
Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP 
Krinitz, Krinitz & Sperber
Law Offices of Jan Meyer
Main Event Caterers
North Jersey Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Salsa Shiur
Sharon Horn Consulting 
Southpoint Capital Advisors
Teaneck Dentist
Vera and Nechama Realty
WithumSmith&Brown, Frank Boutillette
Vaad Ha-Rabbanim, Rabbinical Council of Bergen County
The Yavneh Family

Chanie and Len Grunstein
Jamie and Dan Schwartz
Marisa and Richard Stadtmauer

Chai Guardians

Rena and Nahum Felman


Shira and Ted Mirkhani

Chai Builders

Sora and Eli Grunstein
Lori and Stan Steinreich
Pnina and Jason Suss
Alisa and Bruce Weinrib


nnie and Yale Baron
Yocheved and Bennett Deutsch
Aviva and Gershon Distenfeld
Rochel and Alan Feld
Abby and David Flamholz
Rachel and Allen Friedman
Roz and Ira Friedman
Alissa and Shimmie Horn
Cheryl and Lee Lasher, Amlon Resources Group
Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum
Gayle and Daniel Lewis
Rachel and Azi Mandel
Eva and Mordy Rothberg
Nechama and Danny Saks
Rena and Menachem Schnaidman
Bena and David Schwartz

Joy and Barry Sklar
Beth and Ronnie Stern
Wendy and Isaac Shulman
Arianne and Moshe Weinberger

Chai Benefactors

Ariela and Mendel Balk
Lisa and Lowell Baron
Bonnie and Jack Eizikovitz
Linda and Milton Frank
Michelle and Stefan Frank
Alisa and Jonathan Gellis
Shira and Yisroel Hochberg
Linda and Mark Karasick
Sheryl and Aaron Liberman
Mindy and Jonathan Neiss
Ivy and Joseph Podolski
Carol and Michael Roth
Chanie and Norman Schmutter
Rivka and Yossie Stern
Ofra and Judah Weinberger
Susan and Mark Wiesen
Elisa and Chaim Wietschner

Suri and Abraham Brown
Debbie and Jon Horowitz
Debbie and David Kahn
Becky and Avi Katz
Evie and Alden Leifer
Sharon and Dovid Lieberman
Shira and Doug Marks
Joshua Nissel
Renee and Jack Nussbaum
Elana and Marc Rothenberg
Tammi and Bennett Schachter
Harriet and Herbert Seif
Evelyn and Shimmy Stein
Ilana and Moshe Wertenteil

Chai Supporters
Susan and Jacob Alpert
Alyssa and Daniel Barzideh
Michele and Jacob Blatt
Roni and Yehuda Blinder
Ora and Ira Bloom Family
Chava and Ephraim Casper
Leah and Reuven Escott
Lisa and Ricky Finkel
Sheva and Yisrael Frenkel
Basheva and Murray Goldberg
Ilana and Stu Goldberg
Hillel Goldstein
Orit and Seth Gribetz
Barbara and Simcha Hochman
Michal and David Kahan
Hana and L. Brian Katz
Micol and Doron Katz
Melissa and Ethan Keiser
Jessica and Laizer Kornwasser
Marcia and David Kreinberg
Sara and Chaim Leffel
Lori and Kevin Lemmer
Judy and Ralph Marcus
Elissa and Eric Melzer
Debbie and Sam Moed
Jemima and Michael Mosberg
Mindy and Henry Orlinsky
Sherry and Bernie Perlowitz
Miriam and Allen Pfeiffer
Gail and Binyamin Rieder
Sharonne and Zvi Rudman
Arielle and Aryeh Sheinbein
Daniela and Laurence Schreiber
Leah and AJ Schreiber
Nomi and Mendy Schwartz
Gabriella and Noam Spinowitz

Davida and Gary Stadtmauer
Rena and Elliot Steigman
Lani and Shimmy Tennenbaum
Sima and Daniel Weingarten
Deena and Harvey Wrubel


Helen and Emanuel Adler

Sheryl and Rabbi Yosef Adler
Shari and Robert Alter
Meira and Sander Bak
Rochelle and Edward Berger
Ellen and Morris Bienenfeld
Sarah and Michael Blum
Tova and Noam Burack
Carrie and Stanley Cooper
Ruthann and Kenneth Eckstein
Arlene and Arthur Eis
Karen and David Federbush
Rickie and Alex Folkman
Lianne and Etiel Forman
Eleanor and Gerald Frenkel
Miriam and Ehud Fried
Maddi and Robert Friedbauer
Michele and Leonard Fuld
Karen and Dror Futter
Beverly and Andrew Geller
Sharon and Michael Glass
Hadassah and Moish Goldberg
Adrienne and David Greenblatt
Sara and Moishe Grinfeld

Shira and Robert Grunstein
Shoshana and Yehuda Halpert
Freida and Michael Harris
Ruth and Daniel Hartstein
Amy and Ziggy Hirsch
Janet and Kenny Hoffman
Meryl and Gary Hoffman
Nina and Joshua Horowitz
Nissel-Horowitz Families
Yael and Yehuda Jacoby
Andrea and Steven Jutkowitz
Terri and Yitzi Karasick
Rivi and Avi Katz
Howard Kaufman
Linda and Ilan Kaufthal
Rivky and Shocky Klar
Batya and Ben Klein
Bernice Hornblass and Tom Kohn
Cheryl and Abe Kramer
Sheila and Meyer Last
Gila Leiter and James Lavin
Ruth and Philip Lerner
Trudy and Toddie Levine
Arlene Libman
Sharon Horn and Jeffrey Lichtman
Rachel and Ari Mentzel
The Mentzel and Skoczylas Families
Judith and Leon Miller
Leiah and Rafael Moskowitz
Lia and Billy Nissel Family & Mollie Nissel
Arielle and Oran Pachter
Debby and Glenn Pfeiffer
Dahlia and Michael Rosen
Cheryl and Richard Rosenberg
Tamar and Ross Rothenberg
Priva and Simmy Safier
Margi and David Saks
Dasi and Jeremy Schwalbe
Suzy and William Schwartz
Arlene and Jay Shiner
Eva and Chaim Silber
Lois Blumenfeld and Norman Sohn

Yosepha and Yitzie Solomon

Aliza and Kalman Staiman
Rivka and Baruch Stein
Barbara and Sid Topiol
Amy and Chanan Vogel
Marion and William Weiss
Sharon and Ari Wieder
Shany and Dov Wiener
Barbara and Neal Yaros
Felicia and Moshe Zwebner

Chai Sponsors
Cara and Ronald Aduculesi
Debbie and Mark Apfel
Drora and Lior Arussy
Robin and Eric Aschkenasy
Jo-Ann and Mitchel Ashkanazy
Malka and Joshua Bernheim
Judith and Moshe Bernstein
Bess and Ezra Bogner
Gila and Jacob Burgida
Joann and Hillel Caplan
Daniel Chazin
Cheryl and Eddie Dauber

Adele and Larry Diener
Shoshana and Joel Dreifus
Sheryl and Ernest Elias
Pamela and Harold Falik
Chaya and Jackie Feigenbaum
Meryl and Eli Feldblum
Yaffa Leah and Jonathan Field
Aliza and Jonathan Frohlich
Renee and Chaim Fromowitz
Vivian and Ezra Ghazal
Estelle and Leonard Glass
Ann and Nathan Gottlieb
Caren and Michael Graber
Abbe Greenberg
Barbara and Arthur Greenberg

Nechama and Yoni Greenfield

Shira Greenland
Miriam and Alan Greenspan
Sima and Herman Hertzberg
Amy and Ziggy Hirsch
Rozy and Lawrence Jaffe
Raya and Lev Kandinov
Monique and Miriam Katz
Marilyn and David Koplon
Rosalyn and Leon Kozak
Shani and David Kramer
Debbi and Lee Krantzow
Fay and Chaim Kranzler
Esther and Paul Lerer
Sandra and David Lerer
Leah and Samuel Levi
Esther and Warren Levie
Meredith and Noah Levine
Laurie Baumel and Manny Litchman
Michele and Anthony Mammon
Rachelle and Chaim Mandelbaum
Lea and Rabbi Chaim Marcus
Rachelle and Steven Margulies
Tamara Heimlich and Steven Mermelstein
Carol and Danny Metzger
Debbie and Jonathan Milch
Shoshana and Elliot Moskowitz
Toni and Reuven Nayowitz
Faigy and Cheskie Ort
Julie and Shabsi Polinsky
Sara and Yossi Prager
Jennifer and Dan Proper
Penny and David Rabinowitz
Judith and Marvin Rosen
Judith and Gary Rosenblatt
Arlene and Michael Sand
Sheri and Leigh Schachter
Maren and Robert Scharf
Sari and Robby Schiff

Judy and Benjamin Schmutter
Chana Schorr
Shelly and Ian Schorr
Amy and Richard Schulz
Bonnie and Ronnie Schwartz
Michelle and Michael Schwartz
Bernard Seidman
Sari and Yaakov Sheinfeld
Miryam and Josh Smilow
Rori and Sandy Srulowitz
Ruthie and Eliezer Stavsky
Evie and Shimmy Stein
Mindy and Muttie Stein
Barbara and Martin Teicher
Suzanne and Harold Tepler
Reva and Aaron Tokayer
Chani and Seth Uretsky
Sandi and Saul Wasserman

Fran and Jerry Weinberg
Marcia and Lee Weinblatt
Naomi and David Westrich

Jennifer and Michael Wiederkehr

Gail and Charles Wuhl
Rena and Josh Zelig
Lydia and Lyle Zuckier
Miriam and Menashe Zupnik


Lillian Adler
Allison and Elliott Adler

Lauren and Zvi Adler
Chaya and Uri Adler
Gila Alpert
Joanne and Charles Bacall
Sheila and Daniel Baer
Judy Saden-Barach and David Barach
Shani and Dror Barber
Cheryl and Myron Bari
Marcia and Leonard Barishansky
Rena and Jerry Barta
Ann and Charles Bartel
Debbie and Rabbi Shalom Baum
Jordana and Steven Becker
Renee and Adam Becker
Tracey and Moshe Benguigui
Nettie and Yank Berenholz
Tina and David Berezin-Bahr
Debbie and Alan Berger
Hila and Adam Berner
Ruth and Bruce Bier

Sorah and Howard Birnbaum
Nancy and Marvin Bleiberg
Renee and Howie Blumenfeld
Patty and Sam Borodach
Hannah-Jean and Bruce Brafman

Marcy Millman and Simcha Brody
Blanche and Yedidiah Buchwald
Elana and Benjamin Burnat
Elissa and Robert Burnat
Block and Butler Families
Esther and Myron Chaitovsky
Rachel and Rabbi Aharon Ciment
Arielle and Chanan Cohen
Leora and Abie Cohen
Marcy and Adam Cohen
Tova and Larry Cohen
Michele and Benjamin Cooper
Sari and Ira Cooper
Mindy and Yair Daar
Shelli and Harvey Dachs
Susan and Ezra Douek
Esther and Michael East
Nechama and Ari Eckman
Risa and Herb Eis
Nina and Judah Eizikovitz
Fanny and Dov Elefant
Alisa and Daniel Engel
Joan and Warren Enker
Ilana and Ari Erdfarb
Susan and Jeffrey Erdfarb
Ofelia and Robert Ernst
Inbar and Nir Eshed
Hannah and Alan Feder
Toby and Larry Feder
Margit and Kevie Feit
Shelly and Carl Feit
Annette and Richard Feldman
Pnina and Naftali Fessel
Elissa and Barry Finkelstein
Linda and Charles Fisch
Mollie Fisch
Deena and David Fisher
Esther and Samuel Fishman
Lisa and Jacky Fleischman
Nancy and Eric Fremed
Debbie and David Friedman
Jennifer and Simmy Friedman
Judy and Robert Friedman
Jacqueline and Noam From
Banji and Ari Ganchrow
Rochelle and Howard Gans
Michelle and David Gellman
Sarah and Rabbi Menachem Genack
Phyllis and Howard Gershon
Marianne and David Goldberg
Gail and Joseph Goldman
Judy Goldman
Linda and Jay Goldmintz
Tzerel and Daniel Goldschmiedt
Judith and Michael Goldsmith
Joy and Michael Goldsmith
Jason Goldstein
Sema and Asher Goldstein
Debra and Orin Golubtchik
Anne and Jerry Gontownik
Myrna and Barry Gore

Mindy and Yisrael Gottesman
Sandi and Steven Grodko
Phyllis and Michael Green
Shira and David Greenberg
Tammy and Moshe Greenberg
Naomi and Jason Greenblatt
Sylvia and Stuart Greenstein
Tsipi and Daniel Gurell
Linda and Mark Gruenbaum
Chaya and Daniel Hager

Shira and Binny Hahn
Sassy and Gabriel Hanauer
Gila and Michael Harary
Bette and Joseph Herbert
Miriam and Gabriel Hermann/Insler & Hermann LLP
Eric Herschmann
Devorah and Yakov Hilsenrath
Gail and Willie Hochman
Robin and Mark Hoenig
Daniella and Ben Hoffer
Jennifer and Aaron Hoffer
Shulamit and Adam Holzer
Michal and Ovi Jacob
Marcia and David Jacobowitz
Sari and Shmuel Jacoby
Tamar and Dov Kahane
Susan and Morris Kalichman
Esti and Benyamin Kaminetzky
Malkie and Michael Karlin
Robyn and Jonathan Katz
Shari and Josef Katz
Genene and Marc Kaye
Betty and Arthur Kay
Leah and Philip Kazlow
Dana and Erik Kessler
Nicole and Ellie Kinches
Naomi and Marc Knoller
Talya and Jason Koenig
Susan and Fred Koss
Sheryl and Alan Krantz
Evelyn and Larry Kraut
Randy and Mitch Krevat
Susan Fader and Larry Krule
Ruth and Kevin Kubach
Ricki Kudowitz
Ivanka and Jared Kushner
Bobbie Lanner
Millie and Murray Leben
Aviva Leffel
Sarah and Daniel Lerer
Danielle and Ari Lerner
Esther and Irwin Levenbrown
Dena and Mark Levie

Gila and Zalman Levine
Shira and Seth Levine
Dalya and Dovid Levy
Chani and Simon Lichtiger
Leah and Karl Lifschitz
Tamar and Arik Lifshitz
Yocheved and Nathan Lindenbaum
Helene and Andrew Linder
Bracha and Zvi Loewy
Deena Granger and David Lowenstein
Shari and Ranon Mann
Debby and Robert Marcus
Shari and Yaakov Markovitz
Atara and Eric Mauskopf
Robin and Jeff Mendelson
Elana Merlis and Family
Fran and Shelly Mermelstein
Miriam and Chaim Miller
Marsha and Melvin Ness
Terry and Gail Novetsky
Fayge and Michael Novogroder
Shifra and Isaac Nutovic
Dara and David Orbach
Careena and Drew Parker
Naava and Jeffrey Parker
Amy and Zvi Pearlman
Jeremy Peyser
Ann and Joel Pogolowitz
Bleema and Simon Posner
Regene and Kenneth Prager
Miriam and Leonard Press
Nechama and Jonathan Price
Karen and Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
Adeena and Yaakov Pultman
Drorit and Michael Ratzker
Malkie and Paul Ratzker
Zahava and Hank Reinhart
Elaine and Michael Reinheimer
Martha Kaufman Reiss
Tamar and Avi Retter
Susan and Michael Richmond
Sharon and Michael Rifkind
Dina and Jeremy Rogoff
Debbie Rosalimsky
Andria and Yehuda Rosenbaum
Cheryl and Richard Rosenberg
Lisa and Elliot Rothschild
Laurette and Bernard Rothwachs
Wendy and Sruly Rothwachs
Sima and Dani Rubin
Orite and Daniel Rubinstein
Roberta and Rafe Safier
Miriam and Izzy Salomon
Aliza and Jonathan Schachter
Mimi and Allen Schachter
Judy and Steve Schaffer
Sheryl and Bruce Schainker
Naomi and Kenny Schiff
Shira and Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz
Felicia and Zvi Schipper
Jodi and Jonathan Schmeltz
Patrice and Marc Schoenbrun
Miriam and Sruli Schubert
Charlene and Myron Schulman
Amy Elfman and Richard Schulz
Aliza and Joshua Schwalbe
Chaya and Joseph Schwartz

Ellie and Amit Schwartz
Leora and David Secemski
Diane and Ushie Selevan
Lisa and Howard Shafer
Mugsy and Yudy Sheinfeld
Shifra and Ryan Shell
Michelle and Douglas Shelling
Blanche and Larry Silver
Lynn and Dov Silverberg
Nechama and Rabbi Ephraim Simon
Karin and Warren Slaten
Mona and Moishe Smilovitz
Marilyn and Moish Stadtmauer
Janet and Mattis Stavsky
Mirel and Rabbi Moshe Stavsky
Shelley and Philip Stein
Cindy and Abe Steinberger
Dalia and Ed Stelzer
Rachelle and Saul Stepner
Dalit and Harris Sterman
Miriam and Yechiel Stobezki
Mira and Daniel Stokar
Suzanne and Avi Stokar
Leah and Jacob Stromer
Stephanie and Adam Summers
Sherri and Chaim Szafranski
Romy and Avrami Tabacznik
Debby and Mark Teicher
Miriam and Ephraim Tempelman
Esther and Rinaldo Toporovsky
Jamie and Asher Toporovsky
Michael Trachtenberg
Nicole Victor and Daryl Victor
Randi and Ari Wartelsky
Yael and Rabbi Steven Weil

Hadassah and Rabbi Pinchas Weinberger
Gila and Dovid Weinstein
Nicola and Zvi Weiss
Yonit and Yitzy Weiss
Carol and Peter Weissman
Ilya and Michael Welfeld
Lisa and Hillel Wiener
Tikvah and Aryeh Wiener
Rachel and Joshua Winkler
Lynn Sugarman and David Wisotsky
Aubrey and James Wolff
Cecile and Michael Wollman
Phyllis and Sandy Zlotnick
Myril and David Zomick

Ezrah Contributors

Nurit and Gary Adler
Rivki and Seymour Adler

Elaine and Howard Alt
Matilda and Marvin Anhalt
Rochel and Kalman Ausubel
Joanne and Charles Bacall
Miriam and Elliott Berman
Reena and Jason bloom
Jane and Bradley Builder
Aliza and Yehuda Burns
Tamar and Avi-Gil Chaitovsky
Peggy and Arthur Cottrell
Sara and Robert Erlich
Bina and Yossi Faber
George Feintuch
Deborah and Eitan Fiorino
Helen Fogel
Caryn and Mark Follender
Esther and Mort Fridman
Roberta and Adam Fried
Alyssa and Jay Goldberg
Aliza and Ronald Goldgewert

Shannon and Ari Gononsky
Irene and Robert Gottesman
Steven Harris
Malka and Paul Herman
Chani and Daniel Herrmann
Shira and Yehuda Isenberg
Deena and Daniel Jarashow
Tamar and Rony Kalina
Laurie and Shiffy Kilimnick
Sharon and Eli Kolb
Chani and Beni Krohn
Susan and Daniel Levin
Laya and Bernard Levine
Aviva and Chuck Levner
Yaffa and Edward Markovich
Phyllis and Michael Miller
Ruth and Marvin Oppenheim
Shoshana and Seth Poloner
Shiela and Lewis Reicher
Robin and Josh Rochlin
Fran and Arnie Rochwarger
Judith and Stanley Rosenberg
Ruthy and Steven Rosenberg
Naomi and Yechiel Rotblat
Aliza and Benjamin Rubin
Esther and Jacob Schlanger
Rachel and Seymour Schulman
Cathy and Steven Schuss
Rina and Allan Schwartz
Lorraine and Abe Schwartzbard
Shifra and Larry Shafier
Vickie and Elliot Shulman
Aggie and Mark Siletski
Judy and Rubin Silverman
Elyce and Steve Smedresman
Melanie and Matthew Sosland
Gail and Yossie Stechler
Francine and Aaron Stein
Miriam and Marvin Stiefel
Claire Strauss
Sara and Benjamin Taragin
Miriam and George Teigman
Dov Wasserman
Adina and Rabbi Ezra Wiener
Simone Wruble
Perla and Gerardo Yablonovich


Aviva and Avraham Simcha Adler
Tamara and Joshua Adler
Susan and Marvin Ammer
Ariella and Gilad Amozeg
Jennifer and Ronnie Aranoff
Lester and Ann Arfe
Rachel and David Ashendorf
 Avi Aviner
Rhonda and Jeffrey Avner
Zitta and Kenneth Bander
Alice and Burton Banner
Gloria Baron
Joan and Reuben Baron
Sheri and Binyomin Baum
Beatrice Bauman
Tirza and Ariel Bayewitz
Dana and Pinchas Becker
Judy and Sam Berkowitz
Jeffrey Berman
Rachel and Shimmy Berman
Shelly and Robert Berman
Sheri and Seth Bienstock
Margaret and Jack Block
Daena Bloom
Lynn and Jay Bloom
Rivka and Mitchel Bomrind
Nancy Eisenberg and Marc Brandriss
Judy and Martin Braun
Catherine and Jeffrey Brown
Helen and Meier Bruckheimer
Karen Ann and Joel Budin
Shari and Damian Bursztyn
Baila and Yale Butler
Susan and Abbe Carni
Honey and Ralph Cheifetz
Natalie and Aaron Cohen
Paula and Benjamin Cohen
Yaffa and Tanchum Cohen
Abigail and Eliyahu Cooper
Diane and Richard Covkin
Frumie and Lenny Croog
Laura and Leon Curchack
Beatrice and Joel Dickstein
Jennifer and Jason Eichenholz

Daphne and Michael Eidman
Terri and Charlie Eisenberg
Phyllis and Joseph Eisenman

Caren and Howard Eisenstadter
Livia and Chaim Ekstein
Aliza and Ruven Ellberger
Renee Enker
Jeff Epstein
Marlene and Stanley Fass
Yitzchaki and Sarah Feit
Susan and Shalom Fisch
Linda and Zvi Fischer
Cindy and Elliott Forgash

Eleanor and Eli Forman
Libby and Irving Forman
Sondra and Norman Fox
Lori and Barry Frank
Pearl and Milton Frank
Dina and Scott Friedman
Ellen and George Friedman
Marsha and Tom Friedman
Rachel and Yossi Friedman
Barbara and David Frohlich
Esther and Irving Fruchter
Martha and Saul Fruchter
Rozalia and Vladimir Gandelman
Stacey and Julius Gardin
Beth and Adam Geisler
Tzippy and Ari Gellman
Tzippy and David Giller
Elise and Zvi Ginsberg
Eunice and Mark Glassberg
Ester and Henry Glenn
The Jordan Glick Family
Lena and Ken Goffstein
Lisa Goffstein
Judith and Arthur Goldberg
Judy Goldman
Sandi and Sid Goldschmidt
Joanne and Murray Goldstein
Elana and Michael Goldsmith
Lisa and Jason Goldstein
Barbara and Bill Gononsky
Edna and David Goodman
Sharon and Yehuda Gopin
Rebecca and Herbert Gordon
Susan and David Gordon
Devorah and Michael Gottlieb
Debby Posner and Yuval Graneviz
Lila and Mark Greenberg

Dina and Elliot Greene
Bella and Aryeh Grinberg
Shira and Mayer Grosser
Renee and Harry Harcsztark
Lisa and Aryeh Haselkorn
Ariela and Reuven Herman
Sandra and Gabriel Hersko
Leah and Avram Herzog
Margaret and Barry Herzog
Johanon Hirsch
Jeff Hirschorn
Elissa and Dov Hochbaum
Helen and Charles Ickowicz
Leah and Robert Isler
Norman Ivan
Malca and Rabbi Chaim Jachter
Jeanette and David Jackson
Yola and Chanan Jacobson
Gila and Josh Jaffe
Sheryl and Bob Jawetz
Elaine Kadish
Leslie and Harry Kanner
Lila and Henry Katz
Stephanie and Michael Kaufman
Dana and Erik Kessler
Tracey and Robert Kirsch
Adina and Michael Kirshner
Tehila and Dovid Klaver
Janis and Daniel Klein
Myra and David Klein
Leah and Jonathan Knapp
Rachel and Alexander Kohl
Naomi and Yehuda Kohn
Linda and Arthur Kook
Helene and Terry Korn
Malkie and Dovid Kosowsky
Samantha and Lawrence Koutcher
Sherri and Stuart Krupnik
Yvonne and Ruben Kuzniecky
Judy and Emanuel Landau
Gail and Harry Landerer
Sidney Leiser

Valerie and Miles Levin

Fran and Jack Levine

Helen and Samuel Lichter
Yehuda Lisker
Adina and Michael Littwin
Judith and Larry Lizzack
Dina and Adam Loskove
Barbara and Ephraim Love
Jessica and Michael Lowy
Jeanette and Edward Malca
Tammy and Paul Malek
Marcy and Jeff Manas
Stan Mandelkern
Leslie and Glen Marianko
Elaine and Irwin Markow
Adeena and Yair Mayerfeld
Tzipora and Menahem Meier
Bracha and Solomon Melzer
Davida and Joshua Menasha
Fran and Alan Mendelowitz
Myriam and Jerome Menkin
Tamar and Yaacov Metzger
Harriette and Willy Moses
Ahuva and Joshua Murad
Sara and Nachum Muschel
Nancy Myers
Naomi and Yonatan Nagler
Michael Naiman
Peshi and Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger
Rita Lewy and Abe Neuman
Andrea and Yosef Nissel
Beverly Norman
Esther and Melvin Novogroder
Ceil and David Olivestone
Elissa Gross and Simeon Oppenheim
Marian and Allen Oppenheim
Kathi and Jeffrey Packard
Suzanne and Michael Packer
Laura and Steven Paley
Allyson and Neil Paris
Ida and Zvi Plotzker
Dvora and Kenneth Polinsky
Batsheva and Elozor Preil
Flora and Jerome Press
Lea and Daniel Price
Stacy and Bruce Prince
Aliza and Asher Rabinowitz
Yael and Steve Rabitz
Toby and Maurice Reifman
Hedy and Jay Richman
Penina and Aryeh Richman
Deborah and Moshe Rosenwein
Milly and Morton Rosner
Barbara and Joseph Rotenberg
Sue Grand and Bernard Rous
Barbara and Lawrence Rozanski
Judy and Nachum Rubin
Rona and Jeffrey Rubin
Rachel and Edward Rudolph

Judith and Michael Ryba
Chavi and Ari Satz
Yocheved and Jacob Schacter
Robyn and Uriel Schafer
Miriam and Leon Schenker
Alana and Aaron Schlanger
Sarah and Steven Schleifer
Devorah and Jonathan Schloss
Sara and Richard Schlussel
Esther and David Schnaidman
Sylvia and Alan Schoffman
Rusie and Chaim Schwartz
Debbie and Shalom Shushan
Ruth and Joseph Siev
Dassi and Joseph Silverman
Rachel and Ruben Simhon
Yacha and Moishe Singer
Fay and Yitzchak Sladowsky

Steven Sokol

Marcia Solomon
Sonya and Moshe Solomon
Judy and Herbert Speiser
Sandra and Edward Steinberg
Liesel and Henry Stern
Trude and George Stiefel
Robin and Justin Straus
Lisa and Ari Sugarman
Adele and Michael Sumner
Naama and Daren Taubenfeld
Leda and Irwin Tempelman
Lisa and Avi Tempelman
Ruchi and Jonathan Tiger
Gail and Abraham Twerski
Lorraine and Sam Vogel
Samara and Noah Wasserman
Devora and Pinchas Wechter
Alisa and Moshe Tzvi Weinberg
Sheila and Irving Weinberg
Debby and Mark Weinberger
Mona and Itzy Weinberger
Rebecca and Jerry Weinreich
Devora and Daniel Weinstein
Susan and Yaacov Weinstock
Judith and Michel Werblowsky
Jennifer and Michael Wimpfheimer
Beth and Victor Wittenberg
Reba and Akiva Wulkan
Carol and robert Wurzburger
Yedida and Moshe Yasgur
Tikva and Larry Yudkowitz
Raizy and Joshua Zakheim
Monica and Elon Zibitt
Grunny and Ira Zlotnick
Michele and Shmuel Zoldan


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